Callebaut White Chocolate Crispearls

Callebaut Crispy White Chocolate Pearls combine Callebaut's W2 white chocolate recipe with a crispy toasted biscuit. A great addition to make your desserts that extra bit special, or as a snack with your tea or coffee. A slight sprinkle on top of a cake glaze or dessert will add a touch of white chocolate indulgence. Perfect for ice creams, mousses and dessert decorations.

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Belgian Chocolate

Covered in Callebaut W2 White Belgian Chocolate.

Dessert Garnish

Crispearls are excellent for garnishes and decorating all kinds of desserts.

Natural Vanilla

Callebaut W2 White Chocolate is made with natural vanilla flavours, giving it a rich and buttery experience

Crunchy yet Decadent Callebaut W2 White Chocolate

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A Decadent White Chocolate Experience

If you're after a way to add a deliciously smooth white chocolate to your desserts then look no further. Callebaut White Crispearls are tiny in size, but enormous in flavour. With a heart of toasted biscuit, each pearl is dipped in the smooth W2 White Chocolate recipe, giving each an extravagant flavour.

Crispearls in Every Flavour

Specifications for Callebaut White Chocolate Crispearls

Brand Callebaut Chocolate
Size 160g , 800g