Zappo Grape Chews Bulk Box

$0.60 tax incl.

The perfect gift to give a guy or gal with the gift of the gab.

Colour: Purple

Flavour: Grape

Quantity: 60 Zappo Grpe Chews per box 

Weight: 1560g

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  • Bulk 6 Boxes
  • Bulk 60 Pack
  • 1 Zappo Bar

Dietary NeedsGluten Free

Some people just can't seem to stop talking. It's really trying, hearing about the weather and the football, sick relatives, missing cats, hyperactive hamsters, manicures, motorbikes, wooden flooring, tacky weddings, frozen pizzas and polyester sheets. If you've got a colleague that can't take the hint, a whiny little brother, or a neighbour that natters til your head is about to explode, take heed. There's one foolproof solution - head on down to your favourite Sydney Candy Bar and get yourself a gob full of Zappo Grape Chews. Pop one in your mouth and you'll see what I mean. The grape explosion, the sour sensation, and the chewy chaos is enough to stop you dead in your tracks. Just try talking with one of these in your mouth! Better get a whole pack of Zappo Grape Chews just in case.