Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses Bulk 1.58kg View larger

Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses Bulk 1.58kg

$34.95 tax incl.

Hershey's Kisses are so delectable, they might just be better than the real thing.

Colour: Silver

Flavour: Milk Chocolate

Weight: 1.58kg

Quantity: Approximately 330 Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses

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  • 1 Bag

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Event / OccasionWedding
Country of OriginUSA

Been dreaming of a true love's kiss? Don't be shy - there are plenty of boys and girls out there swooning with you. Giselle from Enchanted confessed it to  every creature in the forest. And Fiona, from Shrek: a kiss would not only make her superbly happy, she wouldn't have to be an ogress anymore! True love's kisses have turned frogs into princes, and woken comatose princesses. Powerful stuff. Not everyone's quite lucky enough to get the real thing though. Luckily, at Candy Bar Sydney, we know of a  chocolate treat that is just as delectable as lip-locking with a royal: Hershey's Milk Chocolate Kisses. These legendary American candy classics are individually wrapped in regal silver paper with a quality tag, so that you know that every Hershey's Kisses you consume will be amazing. That's certainly more than you can say for every kiss that comes your way.

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