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Cadbury Peppermint Freddo Frog 15g

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Ah, the classic peppermint cream centred Freddo has been hopping off our shelves for years.

Flavour: Cadbury Milk Chocolate with Peppermint cream centre

Weight: 15g

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  • 15g Freddo Frog
  • Carton 4 Bulk Boxes
  • Bulk Box 72 Freddos

Country of OriginAustralia

Don't be fooled by the snazzy new packaging. Peppermint Freddos have been leaping off the shelves of lolly shops across the country for years and years. Way back in the day, you went to the exhibition and once you'd tried all the rides and eaten the dagwood dogs, it was time to get a Freddo showbag. Peppermint was always a winner, along with raspberry, pine lime, milky top, and a whole bunch of other delicious creamy flavours. Candy Bar Sydney is pleased to see the peppermint Freddo stood the test of time. Just as delicious as ever, he's now got a new name ("Peppermint Lilypad Freddo") and a new jacket, and he looks extra perky as he leaps around from pad to pad. To complete the Freddo family at our Sydney lolly warehouse, we also have him in white chocolate, milk chocolate, raspberry, and popping candy varieties.

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