Pink & White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop

$2.50 tax incl.

Lollipops are record breaking, song inducing, lick soliciting parcels of joy.

Colour: Pink and White

Flavour: Strawberries & Cream

Weight: 50g

Diameter: 6cm

Stick length: 20cm

NB: All lollipops are hand-made, so there might be slight variations in the colour.

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  • 50g Lollipop

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Event / OccasionChristening
Country of OriginAustralia

Everyone knows the potent power of the lollipop, that's why we keep singing about them, right? It all started with Shirley Temple way back when, and before you know it, the Chordettes had a hit with their 1958 hit, appropriately titled... "Lollipop". Fast forward to the naughties, and 50 Cent wanna take you to the candy shop and buy you a lollipop, not to mention Christina Aguilera's got it bad for the Candyman. Not only are people singing about lollipops, they're out there breaking Guinness records, too. Did you know that the world's largest lollipop stands at 1.8 metres tall and weighs over 3000kg? That's a lot of licking. It's clear, lollipops hold a special place in our hearts, and the Pink and White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop from Candy Bar Sydney is particularly attractive with its delicate strawberries and cream flavouring and lovely decadent swirls.

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