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Baby Blue & White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop

$2.50 tax incl.

This beautiful and exclusive candy sensation can only be described as Wedgewood blue.

Colour: Baby Blue and White

Flavour: Lemonade

Weight: 50g

Diameter: 6cm

Stick length: 20cm

NB: All lollipops are hand-made, so there might be slight variations in the colour.

More details

  • 50g Lollipop

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Event / OccasionChristening
Country of OriginAustralia

If you emit a small gasp of delight at the word "Wedgewood", you're a lady that knows her finery. This exquisite baby blue earthenware collection is responsible for a worldwide pottery sensation. The Wedgewood jasperware plates are adorned with crisp white, usually delicate flowers or pastoral scenes. They're designed to look like ancient cameo glass. Put simply, they're stunning. So maybe you've got the classic taste but not the bank balance to afford Wedgewood? Well, that's not a problem. Candy Bar Sydney has the most exclusive lollipop, our finest candy creation to date. The Baby Blue and White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop makes you think of all the loveliest things in powder blue: wedding cakes, beach houses, Wedgewood jasperware. Plus, the baby blue and white swirl rock candy lollipop tastes just like lemonade. Super classy. Get one from Candy Bar Sydney.

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