Green & White Swirl Rock Candy Lollipop

$2.50 tax incl.

Suck or bite? Both the patient and impatient candy consumer will find what they want with the Green and White Swirl lollipop.

Colour: Green and White 

Flavour: Lime

Weight: 50g

Diameter: 6cm

Stick length: 20cm

NB: All lollipops are hand-made, so there might be slight variations in the colour.

More details

  • 50g Lollipop

Dietary NeedsGluten Free
Event / OccasionChristmas
Country of OriginAustralia

Suckin’ too hard on your lollipop? British pop songster Mika might try to tell you that love’s gonna get you down, but the Candy Bar Sydney couldn’t disagree more. In fact, we think sucking is good for you. The act of sucking releases chemicals in your brain that reduce stress. And what says “relax” more than the soothing green and white colours, and the refreshing lime flavour of the Swirl Lollipop? Here at the Candy Bar Sydney, we might not be doctors, but all signs point to the Green and White Swirl Lollipop, as far as we’re concerned! It’s a matter of national health. If you’re a bit of a Sydney go-getter, you might not have the time or patience to slowly savour your Green and White Swirl Lollipop. So go ahead and take a bite instead, we won’t judge.

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