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Red Swirl Lollipops 18 pack

$19.95 tax incl.

Red Swirl Lollipops are berry delicious.

Colour: Red

Flavour: Raspberry

Dimensions: 10cm

Weight: 80g x 18

Please note these are a bulk lollipop. While care is taken when they're packaged, some breakages may occur.

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Colour Red
Flavour Raspberry
Theme Christmas

One of the best features about Red Swirl Lollipops is their beautiful, vivid colour and snow white swirl. Lollipops are simple to make and similar to the content of most candy products except for the added step of inserting sticks. The first step involves placing ingredients like corn and sugar syrup into the boilers where they are melted together. After melting, the desired flavours and colours are added in the hot mix. The mixture is then poured on surfaces and the batch rollers press the soft candy into the desired shapes. Following this, the sticks are inserted into the lollies. When the sticks are in place, the candies are cooled to harden and secure the sticks. Then they are individually wrapped and packed.

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