Mixed Fizzoes 1kg

$7.22 tax incl.

The fizzy, fun treat that will lift your spirits.

Colour: Mixed lollies

Flavour: Mixed

Weight: 1kg

Quantity: Approximately 350 Mixed Fizzoes per kg

Also available in a bulk 7kg box from our lolly warehouse.

More details

  • 1kg Bag
  • 7kg Bulk Box

ColourMulti Coloured
Country of OriginAustralia

Fizzoes are the party animal of lollies. They’re always fun to be around, charismatic, a little unpredictable, and cute as a button. Fizzoes are always the first one to crank up the music, to hit the dance floor, to order a round of shots, to set up a drinking game, and to suggest hitting yet another party even in the wee hours of the morning. You can’t stop the energy and craziness of Fizzoes. You just need to hold on tight, go along for the ride, and hope you get home at a decent hour. Fizzoes have a secret sweet side too. They’re always willing to buy you a beer, chase your blues away with a fun night on the town, or brighten your day with their untiring energy and optimism. Mixed Fizzoes bottle all of that spirit in a dynamic bag of fizzy treats. Tangy and sweet all in one, they melt into your tongue with a crackle and a pop. Pure entertainment to eat and even more fun to share, Mixed Fizzoes will lift your spirits.