Blue Sour Raspberry Blowpipes Bites 1kg

$11.50 tax incl.

Blowpipe bites might just be the coolest looking lolly sensations we've ever seen.

Flavour: Sour Raspberry

Weight: 1kg

Quantity: Approximately 60 blowpipes per kg

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  • 12kg
  • 1kg

Event / OccasionChristening

If alien forces ever have to examine the scattered remains of planet Earth, Candy Bar Sydney hopes there's a blue sour raspberry blowpipe bite or two lying around on an abandoned candy buffet table as evidence. Firstly, these lollies are truly intriguing to observe. A crazy deep blue blowpipe casing dusted in sugar with a fizzy white candy centre. Aliens would place the sour blue raspberry blowpipe bites under the microscope and be humbled by their greatness. Secondly, the sour blue raspberry blowpipe bites taste out-of-this-world - an explosion of sour, an eruption of fizz, a side-serve of sweet and a whole lotta awesome. So if an alien were to savour a blowpipe bite, it would become immediately obvious what had happened to the prosperous planet Earth. The bulk explosion of awesomeness was too great for our feeble planet to handle, and mass chaos ensued.