Watermelon Blowpipes Bites 1kg

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The flavour explosion that takes boring old watermelon to the next level.

Flavour: Watermelon

Colour: Green and Pink

Weight: 1kg

Quantity: Approximately 60 Watermelon Blowpipe Bites per 1kg

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  • 12kg
  • 1kg

Event / OccasionChristmas

Think you know watermelon? You’ve never tasted one like this before! These explosive lollies look innocent enough with their pretty green coatings and pink centres. What you don’t know (yet!) is that they’re covered with sour sugar that will make your mouth beg for mercy. Don’t get comfortable yet, though. Next you’ll be blasted by intense watermelon flavour that will send your taste buds into overdrive. You’ll never be craving an ordinary watermelon again after this flavour explosion. This is one candy that will blow your happy childhood memories of watermelon munching into the water. With their addictive fresh chewiness, forceful flavour, sugary sweetness and sour smack down effect you’re never going to go back to that boring old fruit again. If you want refreshment, drink water. But if you want a flavour fiesta that never stops, you have to try Watermelon Blowpipe Bites. Viva the sour watermelon revolution!

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