Turkey, an exotic and gorgeous land that bridges the Eastern and Western worlds, an intriguing place with a history that spans back to the paleolithic age. We have Turkey to thank for many culinary delicacies: baklava, kebabs. And perhaps the most famous sweets of all, Turkish Delight and nougat. These tempting treats are little strokes of genius. Bite sized cubes of rosewater gel and nuts dusted with icing sugar. Texturally unbeatable and refreshingly sweet. And then there's nougat, fine and flexible, creamy and crunchy, filled with pistachio and almonds. Its vague roots stem from Arabic cookbooks and its journey takes us across Western Europe. Everything about Turkish Delight and nougat captivates us here at Candy Bar Sydney, which is why we stock premium Pariya varieties in flavours like rose, almond, coconut, sour cherry and vanilla.

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