We see what you did there. Nice one. Your friends and colleagues might think you're generous and thoughtful, but this Sydney lolly warehouse is onto you. You're that type who gifts extravagant chocolate gift boxes, yes, and good on you for that. Lindt, Bondi, Warner Hudson, Truffettes de France, just to name a few. You've impeccable taste, to be sure. But it's not just about your terrific taste in presents. No, you've got a hidden agenda. We know why you popped around at 3pm with your elaborate Valrhona chocolate gift box offerings. It's the perfect snacking time. You can pretty much guarantee that the gift's recipient will gleefully open the box and pop it on the table right in front of you. Well, we can only congratulate you on your restraint. Anyone else would have just bought two chocolate gift boxes and scoffed the contents of one on car trip over.

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