White Rock Candy Crystal Stick

White Rock Candy Crystal Stick

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These yummy crystal sticks will revive the kid in you. Spread the joy; add them to your candy buffet!
Colour: White
Flavour: Cane Sugar
Length: 17cm

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What looks like cool rocks or diamonds on a stick, AND tastes like sugar candy? The exciting and delicious White Rock Candy Crystal Stick, that’s what!  These are appropriate for children of all ages, but also very cool for those adults that act like children. You know what I’m talking about. The ones that usually need to be kept quiet and entertained during a formal supper or speech. Yes, these will do the trick. Make sure you have them available at your candy bar for those adult children in your life. Make your guests feel rich with these White Rock Candy Crystal Stick! Just call them rare edible jewels and tell them to savour the flavour. The sweetness from this candy on a stick will knock their socks off! Everyone likes candy!

Size 1 Crystal Stick or Bulk 144 Pack
Dietary Needs Gluten Free or Nut Free
Event / Occasion Wedding
Colour White