TNT Multicolour Stix

TNT Multicolour Stix

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Holy dooly! It's a veritable assault of colour and fruit flavour, not for the faint hearted.
Colour: Multicolour
Flavour: Mixed
Weight: 1.4kg
Quantity: Approximately 200 Multicolour Stix 

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TNT is renowned across Australia for their explosive selection of sour lollies and sweet treats. Candy Bar Sydney is thrilled to welcome this powerful new addition to the TNT. They're long and squiggly and sort of scrawny looking, but don't be fooled: TNT Multicolour Stix assault you with tangy fruit flavour and colours galore from the very first bite. Pop them in your lunchbox for a bit of extra zing in the afternoon hours, or sneak one up on your birthday party camarades and watch them squirm.

Can you handle the pressure? Show off and shove as many of them in your mouth as humanly possible, then try to talk while the tang takes effect on your tongue. Cram these babies into your multicoloured noodle boxes with other rainbow coloured tasty treats, all available from our lolly warehouse online.

Size Single Unit
Flavour Mixed
Colour Multi Coloured
Country of Origin Spain