Nutella 3kg Tub

OMG! The Mona Lisa might be... good, but a 3kg tub of Nutella is OFF THE CHART. A big Nutella jar is the ultimate everything: ultimate indulgence, ultimate gift, ultimate way to say "I Love You!". 
For those serious about Nutella!
3kg Nutella Foodservice Tub
Made in Canada

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The World's Favourite

Did you know Nutella is the world's number 1 chocolate spread? Using almost a quarter of the world's hazelnuts, you can certainly see why. 

A Tasty Gift

Know someone that simply adores Nutella? Why not treat them with the tastiest treat of all.

Cafe or Restaurant?

Are you a cafe owner, pastry chef or love working with Nutella? We work directly with Ferrero, guaranteeing you the best price possible.  

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Everyone's Favourite

With so many ways to enjoy Nutella, there's little surprise its the world's favourite chocolate spread. Be apart of the Nutella Family with this 3kg Tub.

With enough to feed the whole family, everyone will be able to enjoy the sweet chocolate flavour. 

Whether you're enjoying some toast for breakfast, cooking up a fresh batch of crepes, or creating a delicious chocolate cake, Nutella is an absolute must.

Make sure you never run out!

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Valentine's Day Chocolate Muffin Recipe

Make something sweet and delicious this Valentine's Day. Using a handful of ingredients with Nutella as the star, this recipe is so easy its a must!


  • - 75g Butter                    - 70g Egg White

- 40g Egg Yolks             - 80g Milk Chocolate

- 60g Sugar                    - 40g Flour

- 150g Nutella                - 33g Almond Flour

- 33g Icing Sugar           - Muffin Molds

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Step 1

Gentle whip the egg whites until stiff, whilst adding granulated sugar gently. Slowly combine, almond flour, egg yolks, sugar, melted butter and chocolate and stir with a spatula. Sift flower into mixture and mix until mixture is well blended.

Step 2

Grease molds and fill half way with the chocolate mixture. Bake in oven for 12 minutes at approximately 170°C. Top each muffin with a generous spread of Nutella and a dash of icing Sugar. Now Enjoy!

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Looking for More Nutella?

Our Mini Nutella Jars are the perfect bit sized portion of our favourite chocolate Spread. Great for wedding favours, christening bonbonniere or just as a simple Treat.

The smooth hazelnut spread we're all too familiar with, now in convenient mini jars for on-the-go dipping and spreading.

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Specifications for Nutella 3kg Tub

Brand Nutella Foodservice
Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Italy
Size 1 x 3kg Tub , 2 x 3kg Tubs