Lifesavers Lollies Peppermint 34g


Peppermint lifesaver lollies are one of the most iconic Australian lollies. Whether you love to satisfy those lolly cravings, or are in need of a fresh peppermint breath, Lifesavers Pep 'o' Mint are sure to hit the spot.
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Flavour: Peppermint
Weight: 34g

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Lifesavers come in a single roll or bulk pack

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Lifesavers are a great grab 'n' go convenience confectionery, popular for shops and corner stores

Australian Made

Lifesavers Lollies are owned by Darrell Lea and made in Australia

Lifesavers Lollies Australia

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A hole lot of fun

Satisfy your sweet tooth with our range of delicious Lifesavers Cand. Lifesavers Musk, Fruit Tingles, Fruit Pastilles and more, there are flavours for everyone to enjoy.

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Lifesavers Pep 'O' Mint

One of Australia's most iconic peppermint lollies, Lifesavers Pep 'O' Mint is just what you need when you're after a hint of freshness. A schoolyard favourite, we love to indulge in what we love best, and that's delicious Australian Lollies..

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Lifesavers Candy

Lifesavers have been around for almost a century, but their range of flavours are as good as ever. One of Australia's most popular snacks, make sure you stock up on our range of Lifesaver lollies, from Fruit Tingles to Lifesavers Musk.

Whether you're at home, in the office, or running the local corner store, Lifesavers are a delicious treat that you simply must have. Need more than one packet of Lifesavers for your shop? (or if you just love the taste!) We stock all our Lifesaver flavours in bulk packs, making sure you have an endless supply of candy.

Wholesale Lollies

If you're looking for where to buy bulk lifesavers and more delicious wholesale lollies, then our bulk boxes are perfect for you. With our bulk lifesavers available in a range of flavours from Lifesavers Musk to Fruit Tingles, they'll be hard to resist. Our wholesale lollies are great for shop owners who have hungry bodies to feed!

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Specifications for Lifesavers Lollies Peppermint 34g

Brand Lifesavers lollies Australia
Colour Blue
Flavour Mint
Country of Origin New Zealand
Size 34g Packet