Harry Potter Birthday Cake Topper

Made from wood or your choice of mirror acrylic or solid colour acrylic.

Designed and Manufactured by Candy Bar Sydney

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Know someone special whose wild about a certain School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Maybe the birthday boy or girl is mad about Muggles or crazy about Care of Magical Creatures. It doesn't matter if they're fourteen, forty or ninety four, any savvy sorcerer will think this birthday cake topper is tastier than Crabbe and Goyle. Just whip up a Harry Potter themed cake (think "vanilla saffron sorting hat with edible silver fondant" or "chocolate mudcake spellbook with edible gold calligraphy") and place this kids cake topper craftily on top. Available from Candy Bar Sydney in Gryffindor gold, Slytherin silver, wizardous white or beastly black.

Specifications for Harry Potter Birthday Cake Topper

Colour Black
Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Style Wood , Black Acrylic , Gold Mirror Acrylic , Silver Mirror Acrylic