Gummy Shark Lollies 450g - 2.27kg

These sharks are so tasty, it's impossible to be afraid of them! Bite them, chew them and enjoy the enormous burst of blue berry flavour. Before you know it, these Blue Gummy Sharks will have swum their way into your belly.

Weight: 450g - 2.27kg
Quantity: Approximately 16 shark lollies in a 450g bag
Colour variations may occur with each batch.

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Bulk Lollies

Available in a 2.27kg bag, giving you enough lollies to feed the whole family

Made in the USA

Gummy Shark Lollies are made in the USA

Nautical Theme Party

These delicious gummy sharks are great for nautical, pirate or under the sea theme parties

More Lollies for Your Under The Water Theme Party

Under The Sea Party

These delicious Blue Gummy Sharks are the best kind of sharks - the lolly kind! Far less scary and much more tasty than a regular shark, these vibrant blue lollies are a great addition for any under the sea or nautical theme candy buffet.

A popular theme for birthday parties, the ocean has an enormous influence on our lives. It’s a playground for both children and adults. Bring some fun and excitement to your ocean party with our selection of delicious blue lollies, headlined by out tasty gummy sharks

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Specifications for Gummy Shark Lollies 450g - 2.27kg

Colour Blue
Country of Origin USA
Size 450g Bag , 2.27kg Bag

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