Green Speckled White Choc Jewels

The creamy treat that white chocolate lovers crave year-round.
Colour: Green and White
Flavour: White Choc
Quantity: Approximately 203 Green Speckled White Chocolate Jewels
Diameter: 2.5cm
Please note this is a delicate item, while we pack everything carefully there may be some breakages in transit.

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These festive little treats are bursting with holiday cheer. With their solid white background and bright green sprinkles they look just like pine needles scattered in the pure white snow. Green Speckled White Chocolate Jewels are more than a pretty face, though. As always they have a deliciously creamy chocolate base and a crunchy topping for the ultimate mix of tastes and textures. We dare you not to add them to your holiday baking project. Why not add them to cookies instead of white chocolate chips? Or try sprinkling them on vanilla frosted cupcakes or melting them to make a unique chocolate bark. Green Speckled White Chocolate Jewels make it easy to add festive cheer to your holiday sweets. They’re just as nice to snack on solo, either at festive parties or as a quick sweet reward to get yourself through the busy holidays. Either way, they’re the treat that white lovers have come to crave, both in season and out!

Specifications for Green Speckled White Choc Jewels

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Green
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Chocolate
Chocolate Type White Compound
Size 700g Bag , 5kg Box