Green Mini Fruit Sticks

Thought Christmas was all about red and white candy canes? Think again.
Flavour: Lime
Colour: Green
Quantity: Approximately 125 Green Mini Fruit Sticks in a 500g bag

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If you're doling out sweet treats from Candy Bar Sydney for your Christmas stockings or gift bags, you might have some misconceptions about the holiday season. For example, you might have thought that red candies were compulsory. Red rock candy crystal sticks, red chocolate balls, red jelly beans and red shimmer pearls all wrapped up in a red plastic noodle box. Well, that sounds great. But don't forget about green also gets special treatment at Christmas. Candy Bar Sydney would recommend green shimmer gumballs, green Cadbury chocolate hearts and green mini fruit sticks. Your next misconception probably has to do with flavour: maybe you, like many others, thought that Christmas candies should be peppermint flavoured, like a candy cane? Wrong again, sport. That's the greatest thing about the green mini fruit sticks. They taste like lime instead! What a fabulous way to surprise your Christmas guests!

Specifications for Green Mini Fruit Sticks

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Green
Event / Occasion Christmas
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Flavour Lime
Country of Origin Australia
Size 500g Bag , 5kg Box