Green Lime Fruity Acids 800g

Get in the festive spirit with these tasty tart green lollies.
Colour: Green
Flavour: Lime
Weight: 800g
Quantity: Approximately 90 Green Lime Fruity Acids per kg

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Boring candy be-gone! Green Lime Acid Drops clear away the competition with their serious punch of candy flavour. Enjoy the sweetness of pineapple followed by the tartness of a classic acid drop. We think they’d be perfect as part of any Christmas celebration. These festive candies recall heavenly-smelling Christmas trees or wreaths tied with festive red velvet bows. To get in the holiday spirit, turn on some twinkling fairy lights, put your favorite holiday album on the stereo, and enjoy a hot cup of cocoa with gingerbread. Put out crystal bowls filled with iridescent Green Lime Acid Drops and get ready for your holiday party guests. As these pretty lime drops glisten in the low light pass out a few trays of homemade appetizers (or store bought, we won’t tell!) and circulate a bottle of wine or two. Then kick back and enjoy the pleasure of good food, good company, and really good Green Lime Acid Drops!

Specifications for Green Lime Fruity Acids 800g

Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Colour Green
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Lime
Country of Origin Australia
Size 800g Bag , 8kg Bulk Box