Green Fizzoes 700g

They're like little lime flavoured peas in our candy bar pod.
Colour: Green
Flavour: Lime
Weight: 700kg. 
Quantity: Approximately 245 Green Fizzoes per kg
Also available in a 7kg bulk box from our lolly warehouse. 

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The green fizzoes can be a bit confusing at first glance. They're so innocent looking, a lovely bright pastel green. They might remind you of oversized peas or mini brussel sprouts. They've got a pretty sugar dusting all over them, and you might think that they taste like fresh green apple or a mild peppermint, just sitting pleasantly upon your tongue. But then you pop some Green Fizzoes in your mouth. BAM! An explosion of fizzy lime, a confusing yet exhilarating rush of sweet and zesty combustion. Did that really just happen? You'd better have another one of the green fizzoes, just to be sure it wasn't a coincidence. POW! Nope, definitely not. But control testing should really be done with at least three samples, best try another one. WHAM! Oh boy. These things are good. KABOOM! CRASH! BANG!

Specifications for Green Fizzoes 700g

Brand Lagoon Confectionery
Colour Green
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Lime
Country of Origin Australia
Size 700g Bag , 7kg Bulk Box