Green Chocolate Buttons 1kg

Milk chocolate covered in a candy shell. Green is friendly and festive. It’s the candy colour we most associate with Christmas, along with red. Green chocolate buttons may also remind you of Kermit the Frog, The Incredible Hulk, Green Lantern, lucky leprechauns, Dorothy the Dinosaur, The Hungry Little Caterpillar.
Flavour: Milk chocolate
Dimensions: 1.4 cm Diameter
Colour: Green
Weight: 1kg

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Safe to say that green lollies are a natural for children’s birthday candy buffets. There are so many green chocolate buttons in a 1kg bag, there will be more than enough for the hungriest of guests. Green has a way of going with every other colour of chocolate button, if you’re shopping for specific candy buffet colours. Green and pink, green and blue, green and orange. Each pair hold hands and look cute and harmonious together. Red, white and green are probably the perfect colour trio, but orange, green and white aren’t far behind, and the prettiest colours of nature are perfectly captured in pink, greenGreen chocolate buttons will push your button in the nicest possible way.

Specifications for Green Chocolate Buttons 1kg

Colour Green
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1kg Bag