Green Candy Poles 30 pack

These quirky green candy poles give the old school American county fair feel a modern twist.
Colour: Green
Flavour: Apple
Individual weight: 18g
Quantity: 30 Green Candy Poles
Length: 17cm
Please note: Though they are packaged with care, candy poles are a bulk lollipop product and some may be broken in transit. All candy poles are individually wrapped so can still be used on display. 

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Clean, green, and perfectly refreshing, green apple candy poles are ideal for nibbling on as you ponder the important things in life. Pop them in your pocket for a green and white buzz between meetings or hide them lovingly in your little one's lunch box as a special weekday treat. If you're lucky enough to be planning a candy buffet, these perky poles look terrific in old school glass candy jars next to bon bons, gumballs, and lollipops.

Alternatively, serve up a greenapple themed party loot bag or noodle box to say thank you. You can team these sweets with other green classic candies such as green apple jelly beans, gummi bears, bon bons and candy coated marshmallows. If you need party supplies to complement your green candy poles, check out our selection of apple green Paper Eskimo decor: cups, plates, straws, party bags and styling tags, just to name a few.

Specifications for Green Candy Poles 30 pack

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Green
Event / Occasion Christmas
Flavour Apple
Size 1 Pack