Gold Orbz Foil Balloon

Decorate your party room in glittery gold with our wonderful Gold Orbz Foil balloons! Whether you want them on their own, or paired with gorgeous balloon bouquets, these Orbz Balloons are sure to amaze.

This gold foil balloon is especially great for weddings, engagement parties, birthdays and more!

This foil balloon is designed for helium, re-inflatable and self sealing. Balloon comes uninflated and measure 38cm x 40cm

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Each balloon can be re-inflated

Helium Balloons

Orbz are designed to be inflated with helium.


Each balloon is self-sealing when filled with helium

Gold Orbz Balloons

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Orbz Foil Balloons

Just when you thought you've seen them all, foil balloons, latex balloons and even unicorn balloons. Wait till you see our gorgeous Orbz Balloons! With so many colours available, our Orbz balloons are a dazzling way to spice up your balloon display. From shimmering gold, to the extravagant Ombre Rainbow, we have a colour for any occasion - big or small.

Need help for your balloon bouquets? Guaranteed we'll have the perfect balloons to complement the occasion. 

Why not grab a few numbers and letters too! They come in a huge range of colours: gold, silver, magenta, blue, just to name a few. You can float them over the tables at your wedding reception to let guests know where to sit.

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Specifications for Gold Orbz Foil Balloon

Colour Gold