Gold Number 1 Foil Balloon 102cm

Gold Number 1 Foil Balloon 102cm
There's one gold foil balloon that should be your first choice for the singlemost awesome party imaginable.
Megaloon Helium Saver Foil Balloon
Colour: Gold
Size: 102cm

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Hang just one of these beautiful gold foil party balloons on its own from the ceiling and you're dealing with some sort of triumph. Perhaps a first place score, a top grade, or a baby's first year of life (certainly a triumph for the parents in any case!). Add a two to the mix and you've got a milestone on your hands: the first year of high school or a rockin' twenty first birthday, hopefully complete with yard glass.

One and three together can be the sign of a rocky teenage year or the start of the dirty thirties. You get the idea. Whatever age you're celebrating, there is a 19% chance you will need to buy a one. Unless you're planning on spelling out the top children's rhyme "One-one was a racehorse", in which case you should probably buy in bulk direct from our Sydney lolly warehouse.

Specifications for Gold Number 1 Foil Balloon 102cm

Brand Five Star Party Co.
Colour Gold
Made From Foil
Size 1 Foil Balloon