Gold Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

Like little specks o' treaay on a deserted island, me lass.
Colour: Gold
Flavour: Cadbury Chocolate
Weight: 500g
Quantity: Approximately 60 Gold Hearts
Also available in a bulk 5kg box containing approximately 600 gold chocolate hearts.

For 5kg bulk boxes, additional handling days are required (5 days minimum) as the 5kg bulk boxes are made to order.

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Could this be t' Candy Bar Sydney product description ye've been waitin'' for, parlayed entirely in Pirate Speak? Avast, me hearties, 'tis true! T'Gold Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate be like little speckles o'treaay on a deserted island. Assume for a moment that ye've been t' victim o' a brutal mutiny, treated like scum, whipped with t' cat 'o' nine tails, kicked like a scurvy dog, marooned like a nasty bilge rat. Now ye be stranded on said deserted island, with nothin' but a bottle o' rum. Whether ye be three sheets to the wind or singin' a shipshape shanty about it all, there's but one thing to do. Get your land lubbin' booty down to Candy Barrrrrrrrrr Sydney (oh yes we did) and haul some keel back to yer proud ship with t' Jolly Roger on top: t'be more specific, t' Gold Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate that glitter in t' swag. Smartly, me lass!

Specifications for Gold Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Colour Gold
Event / Occasion Wedding
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Chocolate Melts Used Cadbury Chocolate
Chocolate Type Milk Chocolate
Size 500g Bag , 5kg Bulk Box