Gold Balloon Weights

Gold Balloon Weights
Gold balloon weights are a stylish and clever way to hold your balloons in place.
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Weight: 190g

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Just picture this: a large and lavish bunch of gold balloons soaring cheerfully in the entranceway as your guests arrive. Gold number foil balloons floating breezily above your tables to let your guests know their table numbers. Gold and white pom poms dangling from on high, crisp white tablecloths and flickering candles, oh, and a shimmering golden array of sweet treats, lollies, and gold foil chocolates lavishly displayed on a mammoth candy buffet table.

It's all completely possible at Candy Bar Sydney, and you can even order it all online from our lolly warehouse. While you're ordering all those fabulous gold balloons, don't forget to throw in a good number of gold balloon weights to keep your decorations grounded, or you'll be fishing them all down from the ceiling with the pool skimmer for days on end.

Specifications for Gold Balloon Weights

Brand Five Star Party Co.
Colour Gold
Size 1 Weight