Fyna Mighty Musk Sticks

The ultimate vintage sweet treat, musk stix remind us of being a kid in 1980's Australia.
Colour: Pink
Flavour: Musk
Quantity: 180 Mighty Musk Original Stix

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We all remember musk stix from the school canteens and tuckshops in the 1970's and 1980's. You bought them in little paper bags and you got 5 of them for about 5 cents. Smooth, fresh, delicious ... and very very pink. Some of you traded them for answers on your homework sheet. Others kept them for later, or sat alone in the playground behind the tree and savoured them slowly, one after the other. The more creative among you probably glued them onto coloured paper with bits of macaroni and glitter. If you were lucky, your musk sticks art creations ended up on the fridge at home, where you could snap a bit off and stuff it in your mouth at a moment's notice! Still craving a musk stick displays at Candy Bar Sydney.

Specifications for Fyna Mighty Musk Sticks

Brand Fyna Mighty Musk Sticks
Colour Pink
Event / Occasion Christening
Dietary Needs Dairy Free
Flavour Musk
Country of Origin Australia
Size Box - 180 Sticks