Freckle Lollipop in Cadbury Chocolate

Flavour: Cadbury Milk Chocolate
Colour: Multicoloured
Dimensions: 8.5cm
Made with Cadbury Chocolate
Can only be purchased in lots of 50. Please contact us if you'd like to place an order :)

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1 x 1 Lollipop 2.50

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At last, the Freckle Lollipop in Cadbury ChocolateFreckle Lollipop in Cadbury Chocolate had to be invented, eventually. Cadbury’s Freckles have been universally popular in Australia for a very long time, and we’re also avid consumers of lollipops. So it was a natural progression and here it is, a generous 8.5cm in diameter. Crunchy, chocolatey and wrapped for freshness.

Specifications for Freckle Lollipop in Cadbury Chocolate

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Chocolate
Size 1 Lollipop