Fini Blue Raspberry Filled Yogurt Bars

Now here's a novelty: bright blue licorice and a creamy yogurt filling, together at last!
Colour: Blue and White
Flavour: Blue Raspberry Yogurt
Quantity: 150 Raspberry Filled Yogurt Bars
Weight: 1.54kg

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The Spanish candy connoisseurs at Fini have an innovative new treat to share with you: we dare you to try a blue raspberry filledyogurt bar and not be impressed. Candy and yoghurt: it's the sort of genius combination you don't think about until it's out there and it makes perfect sense, much like peanut butter and jam ... or gin and tonic. On the outside, the blue raspberry filled yogurt bars are all business in blue, long and bendy, sweet and juicy, and exceptionally bright.

On the inside, however, they're all mushy, creamy and gooey like a stoic hero with a soft heart. Long and bendy lollies aren't always easy to pack into loot bags, so for the pleasure of including blue raspberry filled yogurt bars in your party favour selection, may we recommend matching blue noodle boxes, available in our Sydney lolly warehouse.

Specifications for Fini Blue Raspberry Filled Yogurt Bars

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Blue
Size 1 Box