Domori Sambirano 72% Italian Dark Couverture Chocolate

Domori Sambirano 72% Italian Dark Chocolate Sambirano is a premium dark chocolate couverture, made with finest Madagascan cocoa beans. A high Criollo Cocoa chocolate, Domori Sambirano has subtle hints of red fruits accompanied by a pleasant sourness.
72% cocoa solids gives this dark chocolate a rich intensity

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Italian Dark Chocolate

Made in Domoris home of Turin using cocoa from Madagascar

High Fluidity

Highly fluid dark chocolate couverture with a wide range of uses

Bulk Dark Chocolate

Domori's Professional line is available in 5kg bags for bulk chocolate production

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Sambirano Cacao - A Madagascan Specialty

 Domori's Madagascan Dark Chocolate is made using Sambrino Cocoa - The "green gold" of North West Madagascar.  A Trinitario cocoa hybrid with a high Criollo content. 

This particular cocoa bean has hints of red fruits, accompanied by a pleasant sourness. Domori Sambirano 72% is sweet and full with a great intensity.

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Tips For Use

Domori Sambirano 72% can be used in a wide range of chocolate processes and creations. We recommend this dark chocolate couverture for:

  • Hollow Shells

  • Fillings

  • Coatings

  • Decorations

  • Mousse

  • Ice Cream

Domori Chocolate Australia

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The World's Best Chocolate

Considered the world's best chocolate manufacturer in 2016, Domori has become a pioneer in quality chocolate and cocoa goods for many years. The first company to used the highly prized Criollo variety in their cocoa production. Domori's single origin professional line is created with aromatic Trinitario cocoa, which comprises of 5% of the world's cacao harvest.

Specifications for Domori Sambirano 72% Italian Dark Couverture Chocolate

Size 20g Sample , 500g Bag , 5kg Bag