Domori Peru 70% Dark Chocolate 50g Bar

A fine Italian Dark chocolate bar made using hybrid Trinitario cocoa beanscocoa beans. Domori's Peru 70% Original Dark Chocolate is accompanied with notes of flowers caramel and cream. Discretely acidic with a slight delicacy, this dark chocolate will leave a fresh taste with each experience.

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Domori Peru 70% Dark Chocolate

This Italian Dark Chocolate bar is created using a recently created hybrid of Trinitario Cocoa. - each bite is accompanied  with notes of flowers caramel and cream.

Very delicate, with a discret acidity and a fresh taste that makes it a protagonist in high level patisserie production and in cocktails.

Apruimac Cocoa

Originally from the Apurimac river area in the south of Peru, Apurimac cocoa is a Trinitario hybrid created in 1990 using a blend of Criollo, Trinitario and Nacional cocoa beans 

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Domori Chocolate

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Created in 1993, Domori was the first chocolate company to use only fine cacao in it's production. An uncompromising vision to produce only the finest chocolate, using only the most flavoursome Criollo cacao. Fast forward to today, and Domori has become the world's leading chocolatiers, creating chocolates of the finest quality.

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Size 50g Bar