Domori Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate 50g Bar

Made from a blend of Criollo and Trinitario Cocoa sourced from the from the valley of the Sambirano river in Madagascar. Domori Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate is enriched with notes of intense perfume, and fruity hints of berry, cashew, cinnamon and peppers. Sweet and rounded with a pleasant acidity.

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Domori Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate    

Domori's Madagascan Dark Chocolate is made using Sambrino Cocoa - A Trinitario cocoa hybrid with a high Criollo content. This particular cocoa bean has hints of red fruits, accompanied by a pleasant sourness. Madagascar 70% is sweet and full with a great intensity.

Domori Dark Chocolate

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Domori Dark Chocolate

Created in 1993, Domori was the first chocolate company to use only fine cacao in it's production. An uncompromising vision to produce only the finest chocolate, using only the most flavoursome Criollo cacao. Fast forward to today, and Domori has become the world's leading chocolatiers, creating chocolates of the finest quality.

Specifications for Domori Madagascar 70% Dark Chocolate 50g Bar

Size 50g Bar