Domori Criollo 80% Dark Chocolate 25g Bar

One of the world's most prestigious chocolate bars, Domori Criollo 80% is characterized by fruity notes - rich notes of dried figs, dates and raisins. A blend of flavours which result in a unique dark chocolate bar with excellent roundness and a gentle finish.

In 2016, it won one of the most prestigious awards in the world of chocolate: the gold medal in the category of 80% dark chocolate Academy of Chocolate 2016 Awards.

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Domori Criollo 80% Dark Chocolate Bar

Criollo Blends are extraordinarily elegant for those who want to discover the authentic nature of cocoa without compromise.

In order to create products of the highest quality, Domori uses only the finest of cocoa beans. Unlike most chocolatiers across the globe, Domori specialises in the use of Criollo Cocoa, which represents only 0.001% of the world Cocoa Harvest.

From cocoa bean selection to an innovative production process, Domori Chocolate aims to preserve the aromatic notes which are naturally found in Criollo beans. This gives its 80% Dark chocolate bar an unrivaled quality..

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Domori Chocolate

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Established in 1993, Domori was the first chocolate company to use only fine cacao in it's production. An uncompromising vision to produce only the finest chocolate, using only the most flavoursome Criollo cacao. Fast forward to today, and Domori has become the world's leading chocolatiers, creating chocolates of the finest quality

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Size 25g Bar