Domori Apurimac 100% Italian Dark Couverture Chocolate

Domori Apurimac 100% Italian Dark Chocolate is made using only the finest Cocoa beans. Pure cocoa mass and nothing else. A single ingredient for infinite aromatic flavours. Hints of flowers, caramel and cream flavour with a sour finish.
Experience dark chocolate like never before with Domori Chocolate.

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Made in Italy

Domori Chocolate is made in Italy, ensuring the finest quality chocolate products

100% Cocoa

Made with a blend of Trinitario cacao and no other ingredients.


This 100% Dark chocolate can be used for a wide range of dessert, especially fillings, mousses and ice creams.

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Domori Apurimac - 100% Dark Chocolate

Strong notes of tobacco and leather initially dominate but hints of flowers, caramel and milk cream flavours dominate. An extremely delicate dark chocolate, with a slight sour finish

Apurimac Cocoa

A delicate freshness and a discreet acidity enrich the sensory profile of this cacao from inland Peru, cultivated in the land enclosed by the Rivers Ucayali and Marañon.

The Peru Single Origin carries the flavour of social redemption: the Trinitario cacao selected by Domori is sourced from the Sumaqao cooperative plantations

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Specifications for Domori Apurimac 100% Italian Dark Couverture Chocolate

Size 20g Sample , 500g Bag , 5kg Bag