Dark Chocolate Bullets 1kg - 6.5kg

Do something different and indulge in this uniquely delicious candy.
Flavour: Licorice and dark chocolate
Weight: 1kg - 6.5kg
Quantity: Approximately 380 Dark Chocolate Bullets per kilo

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Bite the bulletDark Chocolate Bullets. Here the deal: they’ve got a chewy black liquorice centre plus a seriously bold dark chocolate coating. If you like your candy with punch this combo delivers sweet, tart, sour and creamy all in one delicious bite. There may be plenty you want to put off in life: doing the laundry, asking for a raise, learning to speak French, visiting your in-laws. But don’t for one minute put off indulging in a handful of this unique candy. Maybe it’ll inspire you to do something equally exceptional you’ve been putting off such as bungee jumping, running a 5K, or planning a trip to Italy. The sky’s the limit, Dark Chocolate Bullets lover. Sometimes being bold and different is just what you need to succeed. After all, the deliciousness of Dark Chocolate Bullets is built on that very concept.

Specifications for Dark Chocolate Bullets 1kg - 6.5kg

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1kg Bag , Bulk Box 6.5kg