Dark Blue Mini Jelly Beans 1kg

Dark Blue Mini Jelly Beans 1kg

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What could be better than jelly beans? MINI jelly beans that are blueberry flavoured! Yes!
Flavour: Blueberry
Colour: Dark blue
Weight: 1kg
Quantity: Approximately 1000 jelly beans per kg

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You know the Dark Knight? Yes, you read correctly, Batman. Well, he highly enjoys these dark blue blueberry mini jelly beans. They are dark and mysterious, and full of flavour. You can’t argue with Batman, can you? Make sure these are on your candy bar buffet and put his name on the guest list, because not even Batman can resist these yummy jelly beans. Order the dark blue blueberry mini jelly beans to create some sharp contrast on your light colored candy bar, or use them to mix up the shades of blue for your blue colored buffet. They would be perfect for that baby boy shower! After all, you want to ensure that your guests are eating little bits of all of the major food groups, including their fruits, so these blue berry jelly beans will have it that covered.

Size 1kg Bag or Bulk Box - 12 Bags
Colour Blue
Flavour Blueberry
Event / Occasion Christening
Dietary Needs Gluten Free
Religious Halal