Dark Blue Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

Witness the extraordinary deep blue heart of the ocean.
Colour: Dark Blue
Flavour: Cadbury Chocolate
Weight: 500g
Quantity: Approximately 60 Dark Blue Hearts
Also available in a bulk 5kg box containing approximately 600 chocolate hearts.

For 5kg bulk boxes, additional handling days are required (5 days minimum) as the 5kg bulk boxes are made to order.

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It's time to talk about Titanic. Yes for most of us, it's a brilliant and timeless masterpiece to be watched on all special occasions. That wonderful moment where Leo takes Kate's hands together with his own on the ship's bow and they fly together. Magic. No denying it. Remember the extraordinary beauty of the sapphire heirloom necklace that Rose receives as a gift  - the same one she throws into the ocean at the end of the film? Exquisite. Candy Bar Sydney has something in store that's almost as exquisite as the "heart of the ocean", and much tastier. Our Dark Blue Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate shimmer and shine in a deep and dark ocean blue. Unlike Rose's necklace, you can keep coming back for more of them, and they certainly don't last long enough to be thrown impulsively into the sea.

Specifications for Dark Blue Hearts in Cadbury Chocolate 500g - 5kg

Brand Cadbury Chocolate
Colour Blue
Event / Occasion Christening
Flavour Chocolate
Country of Origin Australia
Chocolate Melts Used Cadbury Chocolate
Chocolate Type Milk Chocolate
Size 500g Bag , 5kg Bulk Box