Custom Dream Catcher with Name Cake Topper

Made from wood or your choice of mirror acrylic or solid colour acrylic.

Width: 14cm
Height: 23cm
Thickness: 3mm

The spike is 2cm in height

Dimensions can be altered depending on the design and upon request.

Designed and Manufactured by Candy Bar Sydney

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The legend of the Native American dream catcher has it that dreams float around in the night, both good and bad ones. The dream catcher, originally spun from natural fibres and adorned with feathers and beads, would let the good dreams filter down to the dreamer while protecting them from experiencing the bad ones. Like a talisman, it hung in a place with access to the morning sunlight and worked dutifully to protect slumbering children from nightmares. What a fitting sentiment for the bride and groom, equally so for the birthday girl or boy or the newly engaged pair. This wedding cake topper can only bring good things to the special occasion, protecting the cake (and thus, those who eat it!) from bad dreams and allowing the good ones to slip gently down the feathers into the frosting. Personalise it with the recipient's name in a variety of colours.

Specifications for Custom Dream Catcher with Name Cake Topper

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Style Wood , Black Acrylic , Gold Mirror Acrylic , Rose Gold Mirror Acrylic , Silver Mirror Acrylic