Coconut Rough 500g

There’s no better combination than chocolate and coconut, except maybe a lazy Sunday with your fave box set.
Flavour: Milk Chocolate and Coconut
Colour: Brown
Weight: 500g

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If you’re a coconut fan, you know that the only thing better is combining it with chocolate. Coconut Rough  will give your craving credence with their tender pieces of sweet coconut. There’s nothing simpler or sweeter than this lovely combination, except maybe a date with Don Draper or a lazy Sunday with the latest box set of Game of Thrones. If you can’t wait until the next episode hits, take up one of the many weighty books in the series. You may want a box or ten of Coconut Roughs for this because believe us it’s going to be a long journey. Never mind Don Draper, now it’s all about Jon Snow or Robb Stark! If the choice between them gets overwhelming, there’ll always be Coconut Roughs to make the decision that much sweeter.

Specifications for Coconut Rough 500g

Brand Sydney Lolly Shop
Colour Brown
Flavour Chocolate
Size 500g , 5kg Box