Callebaut Ruby Crispearls

From ice creams, mousses and pralines, Callebaut Ruby Crispearls are a garnish that you simply must try. Enriched with Callebaut's famous ruby chocolate , Callebaut Ruby Crispearls are packed with goodness. With in an inner toasted biscuit, they are great to add a crunchy texture. Each pearl is approximately 5mm in diameter.

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Belgian Chocolate

Callebaut Chocolate is made in Belgium, ensuring you a fine Belgian chocolate

Berry Taste

Made with world's newest Ruby Chocolate


Crispearls are excellent for garnishes and decorating all kinds of desserts.

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Our Fruitiest Chocolate Pearl

Callebaut Crispearls are a delicious dessert garnish for all kinds of creations. Sprinkle these Ruby Crispearls on top of cakes, mousses and especially ice creams to give them a delicious berry chocolate flavour with an added crunch.

Each pearl is covered of Callebaut Ruby chocolate, making them great to add a fruity flavour to your desserts. 

Inside the delicious chocolate is a crunchy toasted biscuit, perfect for an added texture.

Specifications for Callebaut Ruby Crispearls

Brand Callebaut Chocolate
Colour Pink
Flavour Strawberry
Chocolate Type White Chocolate
Size 160g , 800g