Butter Flavoured Popcorn 100g

It’s true - popcorn is universally accepted as the snack of choice when going to the movies.
Flavour: Butter
Weight: 100g

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Candy Bar Sydney asked cinema-goers around the world if popcorn is really the international snack of choice at the movies. In Australia, it’s a given. But what about Buenos Aires? Berlin? Brussels? Beirut? As it turns out, just about anywhere in the world where there’s a cinema, there is popcorn. But get this! In Germany, they can’t decide which is more popular, butter flavouredpopcornpopcornpopcorn flavours, like black pepper and cappuccino. In Mexico, you can get it chilli flavoured. Wow! Although we’re impressed with the world of popcorn on offer, nothing beats the golden Butter Flavoured Popcorn by the Popcorn King. We love it, you’ll love it too, that’s why we stock it. So grab a 100g bag or two for your next movie night, and think about all those people eating popcorn, all around the world.

Specifications for Butter Flavoured Popcorn 100g

Brand The Popcorn King
Colour White
Flavour Popcorn
Country of Origin Australia
Size 1 Bag