Black Swirl Lollipops 18 pack

Black Swirl Lollipops look darkly mysterious but taste like… cola!
Colour: Black
Flavour: Cola
Diameter: 10cm
Weight: 80g x 18
Please note these are a bulk lollipop. While care is taken when they're packaged, some breakages may occur.

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The story of lollipops is anything but simply black and white like the tasty Black Swirl Lollipops. An American by the name of George Smith is widely credited for inventing the modern lollipop in 1908. It was reportedly named after a popular racing horse, Lolly Pop. Back then it was a soft lolly on a stick. By 1916 it became the hardened version still eaten today, and lollipops were produced by machine at 2,400 an hour which was quite a feat. Now, just one candy company alone will produce over 3 million a day. But the word lollipop dates back as far as the mid-17th Century. And in medieval times, toffee apples on sticks and boiled sugar on sticks were a special treat. The many variations of lollipops remain one of the most popular lollies in the world.

Specifications for Black Swirl Lollipops 18 pack

Brand Candy Bar Sydney
Colour Black
Flavour Cola
Size 1 Pack