Allen's Marella Jubes 190g

The flamboyant king Marella Jube manages to squeeze hipster cool and classic sparkle into an eency weency little sweet treat. 
Flavour: Mixed fruit flavours
Colour: Assorted colours
Weight: 190g

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Who would have thought that so much texture, flavour and colour could be squished into once eency weency tiny little sugar-coated treat? Introducing the Marella Jube: an absolute classic in a long line of noble and upstanding Allen's confectionery. The jelly jubes would even be fine on their own with their intense fruity flavour and firm yet supple jelly-like consistency. But, not one to compromise, Allen'sMarella Jubes with an extra special sparkle - an insanely delicious sugar coating for each and every jube in the packet. Now, Marella Jubes look like they belong on a silver platter at some sort of fancy royal soiree. But this humble candy warehouse in Sydney begs to differ. Marella Jubes belong in everyone's belly. They're a lolly for the people! Buy these lollies in bulk and treat your friends like royalty.

Specifications for Allen's Marella Jubes 190g

Brand Allens Lollies - Australian lollies
Colour Multi Coloured
Flavour Mixed
Country of Origin Australia
Size 190g Bag