You're probably the type of party planner who really wants to make a statement. In the throes of festivity scheming, you'll likely put some deep thought into colour theming. Now let's see. You want bold, fun, and a little bit cheeky. Blue is too calm, pink is too predictable, black is too black and white.. just.. no. Baby, you want orange. It's sometimes overlooked for more obvious hues like red or purple, but golly gee, when you deck out a party in orange you're making a sensational statement. It's luminous, vibrant and oh so sassy. So stock up on orange serveware and get the (orange drinks) flowing. Candy Bar Sydney has tablecloths, cups, candy buffet jars and scoops, plates, napkins and cutlery, balloons and baking accessories. It doesn't stop there. If you're feeling a bit colour-assaulted, pair orange with foundation colours like purple, black, magenta or white.