A feat of sweet perfection deserves a proper platform. If you've taken the time to whip up a chocolate hazelnut layered cake with salted caramel ganache or fifteen berry and lavender cream puffs with individually fashioned fondant flowers in four delightful pastel shades that are carefully colour matched with the chair covers, then we would like to honour and revere your creations with the respect that they deserve. Hence our very fancy and rather stunning range of footed bowls and compotes. They're sturdy, ornate and shiny, perfect for intricately shaped and formed cakes and mini sweet pleasures. When we gaze longingly at the footed bowls and compotes on display on the shelves of our Sydney candy warehouse, we like to close our eyes and imagine what brightly coloured, pleasantly moist and perfectly delicious sweet treasures will one day rest confidently atop them. Care to send us a photo?