Your Candy Encased in a Sleek and Fitting Home

Our sleek and gorgeous <strong>glass candy buffet jars</strong> have their own unique character and personality. A varied selection of lolly bar jars gives you the chance to get creative with your presentation. Single coloured sweet treats become bold and brazen when poured into candy jars and placed side by side with matching tablecovers and decorations. Feeling brave? Mix things up with multicoloured candies. Candy visionaries love using glass lolly buffet jars in a variety of heights and widths for a stunning aesthetic. Try Jackie, Wanda, Marilyn, and a cheeky Martini for the chocolate buttons.

Plastic Angled Candy Jar

9.95 9.950000000000001 AUD

Bobbie Glass Candy Jar

11.95 11.950000000000001 AUD
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Pink Piccolo Drink Dispenser

39.95 27.97 27.97 AUD

Lizzie Glass Apothecary Jar

14.95 14.950000000000001 AUD

Square Glass Bowl

11.95 11.950000000000001 AUD

Roxy Glass Apothecary Candy Jar

13.95 13.950000000000001 AUD

Ellie Glass Candy Jar

12.95 12.950000000000001 AUD