Working at a lolly warehouse and party shop, we really get to know our products. You see them on the shelves as you're passing through and over time you make observations. We've become quite fond of our candy jar collection. Not only are they all uniquely curved, shaped and sized, they have distinctive personalities. You might think we're crazy, but it's true. There's Ellie, Sabrina, Poppy and Shirley, Belle, Jackie and Audrey, just to name a few. Some jars are tall and soulful, others frivolous and fat. They're artists, organisers, makers, doers, drifters and dreamers. They even have different tastes in bulk lollies! One jar might love being filled with sour lollies, the other prefers soft and sticky pastel treats. Somehow, despite their differences, they all know how to come together on a candy buffet and co-operate. They've even formed a candy buffet committee.

Gold Mirror 2 Tier Cake Stand

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